Are You Anxious About Dental Treatment?

Dental Phobia seems to be a common theme when working in a Dental surgery. Anxiety towards dental treatment is very common, and many women have often stated that they would rather “give birth” than have dental treatment. Many people neglect going to the dentist or getting their teeth taken care of because of this phobia. Often, dental problems are left unattended till the very last moment when extreme measures are needed and intense toothache occurs.
Sedation dentistry involves performing dental treatment on a patient in an environment that’s stress- and anxiety-free. It’s a way for dentists to help patients overcome common dental phobias. Through sedation dentistry, patients are able to undergo dental treatments without any of the fear and anxiety that accompanies the treatment.
Sedation is a procedure that makes use of sedative medications to produce a relaxed experience for the patient, enabling the dentist to perform dental procedures. Moreover, sedation dentistry reduces the number of visits required for dental treatment to just a couple of sessions. Sedation can be used to help patients through almost any kind of dental condition.
With the introduction of Dental Implants, Dr Ladak will also be introducing sedation at P.R.Jones. Ask at reception for further information.