Full Cosmetic Cases


fcm1This lady attended with rising concern over the shade of her teeth and the protruding and discoloured nature of her upper central incisors. Treatment included whitening and a smile makeover with veneers and ceramic crowns to the upper arch. Treatment transformed her smile and gave her the satisfaction of having a straighter whiter smile.


fcm2This patient attended due to being dissatisfied with the colour of her teeth. On examination, her smile predominantly was discoloured due to old crowns with exposed metal margins, as well as discolouring restoration. In order to achieve a good result, whitening treatment was completed, along with the replacement of old crowns and the placement of new crowns with matching adjacent veneers to complete her smile. The result achieved was very good giving her what she always wanted, a bright white smile.


fcm3This patient attended seeking an improvement in his smile and appearance. He admitted to not show his teeth in public and felt that this was a negative factor which he tolerated whilst being very charming and charismatic. On examination, he had various old restorations, placed without aesthetics as a priority many years ago. A mild assymmetry was also noted in his gums. His treatment included gum contouring, whitening and the replacement of old crowns with new all ceramic crowns alongside veneers to complete a grand improvement. He was very impressed with the result achieved and the smile which he thought was not possible. A great result for a great patient.


fcm4This patient attended initially for a new denture. Unfortunately he had been given false teeth on a denture from a very young age and has since always been concerned about his smile and the fear of his false teeth falling out. As a result of losing teeth early due to a bad fall, his adjacent front teeth through time had also spread and become spaced. With regards to his teeth and smile, he confessed this was one of the main reasons for his lack of confidence.